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Any organisation with a desire to succeed must focus on attracting the right people. This is especially true of those in leadership. The effect a great leader can have on a school, and indeed the lives of young people, is extraordinary. We are genuinely passionate about independent education and our purpose is to provide the highest calibre candidates, to train leaders and those aspiring to leadership, and to mentor them after appointment. Our team has extensive experience in the industry, an unrivalled list of quality candidates, and understand that each and every one of our clients has their own bespoke needs and aspirations.

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Professional SERVICES

For school leaders and governors looking for help in recruiting dynamic candidates, full time or interim, strategic planning expertise and leadership mentoring and appraisal.

leadership opportunities in schools

For those seeking a new job opportunity, be it full time or interim, learn more about what is available to apply for or register your interest in an upcoming opportunity.


For leaders and governors, learn more about our Training Academy with courses in all aspects of leadership. Either in preparation for leadership or after many years in post.

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