Talent Transfer Search (Executive Recruitment)

Headspace Academics will assist and support with every aspect of your search for an outstanding leader. Utilising our network of contacts in the industry and intelligent search techniques, we ensure not only a robust field of candidates, but that the candidates are well suited to your specific setting and ‘the season’ that your school finds itself in. From crafting promotional literature to preparing all stages of the interview process, our job is to do all we can to generate sufficient time for you to reflect and select the right, high quality leader.

Via our Training Academy, candidates have access to leadership courses to help prepare them appropriately.

Should you find yourself requiring interim cover, we have a network of experienced, quality ex Heads available for secondment.

As part of our project investment, post appointment, we continue to support the new leader, and the school, at no extra cost.

When we meet, we can expand further on how we safeguard the process, making it straight forward for you and ensuring the right leader is appointed and supported. The path to success is founded on the three stages of training, talent transfer and integration. We bring a professional, experienced and fresh approach to the process.

Strategic Support

We lead strategic reviews of all areas of school life and support you in the creation of strategic planning documents. Strategic planning and future proofing is essential for a school, not only to survive but to thrive in what is a shrinking market. It provides structure, identifies an ethos and direction, which are fundamental if a school is to remain relevant and an inspiring place to work and learn. Schools, as businesses and educational establishments, must seek to be at the forefront of ideas. They must identify their point of difference to gain a larger market share and avoid being reactionary which is both time consuming and costly.

We are here to help you establish a secure future for your school.

Mentoring & Coaching

Leading a school can be a stressful and lonely job. Having access to a sounding board outside of the organisation, a support network of likeminded professionals, helps to avoid the dangers associated with leadership. Research supports that executive mentoring and coaching is fast becoming the most effective means of maturing leaders. Through reflection, the experience increases confidence, gravitas and helps the individual to strengthen their leadership style.

As trained mentors and coaches, we offer this service within our talent transfer process; however, it is offered as a stand-alone service as well.

Mentoring and coaching have been proven to have a positive impact on performance, culture and on the bottom line. They improve both individual performance, and team effectiveness. These techniques can deliver impressive results and create an environment within which the team feel valued, motivated and focussed on success. With our training and experience, we can help your leaders to adapt their leadership style for maximum effectiveness and equip them with the tools to manage the day to day challenges that all leaders face.