Training - The Academy and The Schools’ Programme

Training is vital for all organisations, but it could be argued that it is more so for schools. Schools should be learning environments for staff and pupils alike.

Our training programme is threefold:

The Academy is aimed at aspiring and existing school leaders to help equip them for the ever-changing world they find themselves in. Each year, the course programme covers the core essentials, as well as a variety of contemporary issues. You will find a list of our current and upcoming courses here or follow the link below.

The Schools’ Programme is aimed at school in-service training sessions. We can deliver subjects as diverse as managing parental expectations and staff wellbeing. To learn more about both programmes, and how we can support your needs, please contact us.

The Customer Journey is aimed at helping you to identify how best to increase your share of the market, how to improve the level and quality of your enquiries, your conversion rate, and how to make the most of your customer journey. We'll show you your school through the eyes of potential parents and help you to value engineer your marketing budgets to get the best value out of all you do.


please enquire below for any specific questions about our courses or to register interest in a upcoming course.


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