What schools say about us

‘We were all impressed with Headspace Academics and the calm professional and objective support that underpinned the whole process of appointment to a senior position. The knowledge of the sector and ability to be a conduit for communication with candidates that might otherwise not have been possible proved to be invaluable’. Chair of Governors

‘Headspace Academics provided a first rate service in supporting with the recruitment of a new Head with exceptionally quick turnaround and challenging circumstances. They were highly efficient, dedicated and knowledgeable. The consultant and his team provided skilled short listing assistance, excellent candidate handling both prior to interview and on the day, and key ‘behind the scenes’ industry knowledge to ensure an appointment that was the right fit for the business. All of the stress was removed from the recruitment process and we had absolute confidence that we were dealing with experienced professionals who had in depth understanding of the independent education sector. I cannot recommend them highly enough.’ Head of HR

‘Headspace brought a huge expertise and experience that made the important decision making process so much more straight-forward. They ensured that a wide search was made for relevant applicants from their network and made the process smooth by not only looking after the candidates but the school as well. They are easy to work with, know and understand schools and headship and ensured that the appointment of the right candidate was made. All in all a must when recruiting a head or bursar’. Chair of Governors

A Full Recruitment package

(A tied prep school)

Clayesmore - This was a full recruitment package of a head for the Prep School. The school had conducted a recruitment round in the previous term, which did not conclude in finding the right candidate. As a result, they made the brave decision not to appoint but to run the process again; this time they enlisted our assistance. Our remit was to search and find the perfect fit to the brief: a leader with experience, gravitas and who displayed an understanding of a school as a business. Someone with vision, a team player who knows what quality teaching and learning looks like and who is dedicated to and experienced in boarding.

Utilising our extensive network and spending considerable time qualifying those enquiring, an outstanding application list was formed from which a long-list of exceptional candidates was delivered.

Our work entailed assisting with admin and the structure of the appointment process, searching and chaperoning candidates during the process, supporting the school and the appointments panel through the interviews and will include mentoring the new head for up to two years in their role.

A fulfilling process with, I am pleased to say, a great outcome.

A Full recruitment package

(A stand-alone prep and senior school)

Thorpe House – This was a full recruitment package for the appointment of a head within an unusually short timeframe. It is a delightful all-boys school from nursery through to 16 years of age. There are only a few successful schools that span this age range and Thorpe House School is one. Because of the school’s structure, it required the search for a head with specialist skills that not all heads possess. An ability to understand younger boys in a single sex environment through to the complexities that a teenage boy presents.

The search was for someone who was charismatic, could lead by example and could understand and manage parents’ concerns and aspirations. We were aware of the vulnerability that a school has when looking for a new head and we worked with the school to embrace the exciting and challenging opportunity that this appointment presented.

[Our work covered every aspect of the admin and structure of the appointment process, searching and chaperoning candidates, supporting the school and the appointments panel through to now mentoring the new head for two years afterwards].

It was a very satisfying process.

A Support recruitment package

(A stand-alone prep and senior school)

Leehurst Swan - It was a pleasure to support the school with their head’s appointment. After the sad passing of their previous head, we were responsible for the delicate chaperoning of candidates, the creation of the recruitment brochure, as well as acting as an independent advisor on the interview panel. Post interview, we worked alongside the school to ensure that the offer was achieved and accepted.

Leehurst Swan is a delightful school and it was pleasure to assist them in their search.

A school receiving confidential Strategic support 

We assisted this school with its short and long term development, in particular, with the formation of a strategic plan for the future. This involved writing policies, creating new school-wide structures for compliance and oversight, forming action plans and helping implement them. In addition we led staff training sessions and advised on management restructuring throughout the school.

It was a pleasure to see the transformation of the school and the self-esteem of the staff.